Tag: Fortune


  • Isawa Akuma

    Upon the death of Akuma no Oni in 1173, the Spider Clan claimed the spirit of Isawa Akuma was elevated as the Dark Fortune of Power.

  • Shahai

    At the end of the Destroyer War, Shahai played a key role on the defeat of the Champion of Jigoku, Kali-Ma, manipulating a group of samurai of the great clans. After the death of Daigotsu she made a ritual involving the Tao of Fu Leng which stole the …

  • Susumu

    Following the Spider Clan's ascent to a Great Clan, the Susumu family was established. Susumu's daughter, Susumu Kuroko, became it's first daimyo. [26] In 1174 the Empress allowed to build a temple devoted to Susumu. The Master of Water Asako Bairei was …

  • Kyoso

    Kyoso was later raised to the status of Dark Fortune of Obsession