The Tear of Heaven

Senpet necklace which had been handed down from Pharaoh to Pharaoh.


The necklace resembled a bird of prey with a large jewel embedded in the center, symbolizing Re the Keeper, God of Truth in the Ten Thousand Gods pantheon. In its upper side was the Eye of Knowledge, and the jewel in the middle was an emerald.

The wielder of the Tear was irresistible to those who listened him, and he easily influenced in their opinions, as if the true Gods were speaking.

Game Mechanics
The bearer of the Tear of Heaven is irresistible to those who listen to him, granting 3 Free Raises on any roll to persuade others or influence their emotions. You gain the benefits of the Tear of Heaven only if you yourself are a true believer in the Ten Thousand Gods of the Senpet. If your listener also believes in the Ten Thousand Gods, the benefit from the Tear increases to 6 Free Raises.


The last Pharaoh of the free Senpet Empire, Hensatti, passed it to her bodyguard Bekhten, when it was clear the defeat in the Yodotai Invasion of Senpet lands. Bekhten left her behind, and joined the resistance of Keseth. He would never wield the Tear; Bekhten considered himself unworthy.

After his gempukku ceremony, Bayushi Zekhen was given the Tear to safeguard, as Bekhten was growing too old to properly protect it anymore. He was warned never to reveal its existence, as it was a blasphemous affront to the Yodotai’s religion.

The Tear of Heaven

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