Journey Scrolls

Twin Scrolls


The Journey Scrolls are magical scrolls which allow for rapid long-distance communication. They operate as a pair. What is written in one scroll instantly appears in its “twin”, regardless of the distance between them.


Owned by Ookami, and deciphered by Soshi Fuyusuke after a similarity was noticed between the markings on the scrolls and on a map that Yasuki Ashida intercepted on its way to Content Not Found: ide-korihieme.

The ciphered message revealed that an ancient artifact known as the Blood of Isawa was hidden in a ruin two days north of Medinat Al Salam. The correspondence within the scrolls also revealed that drinking Isawa’s preserved blood would forge a bond between the drinker and the kami, effectively making the drinker a shugenja.

Journey Scrolls

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