Shinjo Min-Hee

The Khan of the Unicorn armies, and Daimyo of the Shinjo.


Min-Hee was a calm and diligent student. Some have said that Min-Hee is quiet, dark, methodical, logical, and unemotional.


Shinjo Min-Hee was the daughter of Shinjo Genki and Shinjo Shono, and she was born in 1161.

Daimyo of the Shinjo family, and close friend of Moto Naleesh.

She is the first Khan of the Unicorn who was not a Moto Daimyo.

Stopped in Shiro Ide on the 25th of Dog to collect Akodo Ichiro and his new wife, Yumiko. Overturned the late Otomo Ryo’s decision to deny Kitsuki Marico a duel.

Shinjo Min-Hee

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