Otomo Ryo (Dead)

Representative of the Emperess visiting Shiro Ide.


A severe and often presumptuous imperial magistrate.


Representative of the Empress during the meetings between the Lion and the Unicorn.
He intended on making both clans stand down hostilities, even after the White Wedding.
After Kitsuki Mariko failed to make any progress with her assignments and seemed over-taxed, Ryo dismissed her for incompetence and forced her into retirement(at the urging of Yasuki Ashida).
However, just before leaving for the Lion/Unicorn border with Akodo Ichiro and Akodo Yumiko, he was struck by lightning while standing on his balcony and fell to his death. Some said that the bolt of lightning was the Fortune Osano-Wo showing his displeasure over Ryo refusing Kitsuki Mariko against Yasuki Ashida over a matter of honor. However, others wondered why Osano-Wo would take such interest in such a simple matter…

Otomo Ryo (Dead)

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