Kitsuki Mariko (Retired)

Dragon clan member of the Kitsuki family, and an Emerald Magistrait.


Kitsuki Investigator and Emerald Magistrate who was tasked with investigating the mysterious death of Ide Nagori. After The White Wedding, Otomo Ryo has begun to mistrust her competence.
Subordinate of Otomo Ryo.
Betrothed to Utaku Kuon.

Forced into retirement by Otomo Ryo after she failed to uncover the culprit(s) behind the fires in the village and the immolation of Ide Nagori.

Known Advantages: Heart of Vengeance: Yasuki Ashida [Social]
Known Disadvantages: Forced Retirement [Social], Missing Limb: Left Arm [Physical], Small [Physical]

Born: 1176


Kitsuki Mariko (Retired)

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