Ide Nagori (Dead)

The Ide Ambassador to the Lion Clan.


Ide Nagori was a affluent member of the Unicorn Clan, and the younger brother of Ide Tobuku, the Ide daimyo. He rose to the pinnacle of his success when he was named Ambassador to the Lion Clan in 1194, by his brother. Nagori spent the next five years laboring towards better relations between the Lion, and his own clan. When tensions rose over control of the land route to the Ivory Kingdoms, Nagori redoubled his efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Working closely with Ikoma Kojiro of the Lion Clan, he arranged a marriage between an affluent family of each clan in the hope of creating familial connections that might make some more eager to reason calmly.
Sadly, he would not live to see his plans come to fruition. In 1199, just days before the carefully planned wedding of Akodo Ichiro and Iuchi Yumiko (now Akodo Yumiko), Nagori was welcoming guests to Shiro Ide when he spontaneously combusted upon being touched by dawn’s first rays of light touching him.


Ide Nagori (Dead)

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