Ide Korihime (Dead)

The default host of the Lion envoy to Shiro Ide after the death of her lord, Ide Nagori.


Courtier in the service of Ide Nagori. Hostess of the Lion envoy in Shiro Ide.


Betrayed her Lord, Ide Tobuko, during the White Wedding. While he fought against two ronin, Korihime came up behind him and cut his throat with a wakazashi.
She then fled Shiro Ide on a magic carpet, seemingly to leave the Emerald Empire.
The Khan stripped her of her family name and any belongings or holdings she might have once had.

After the group of samurai that was sent after her tracked her down in the ancient ruin north of the Jewel of the Desert, she was wounded when Bayushi Zekhen’s arrow took her through the ankle. Falling to the ground, Korihime tried to tell her bodyguard, Mikijiro, to aid her, but was silenced by the dagger of Kiku, as the little girl drew her blade across the throat of the one whom she saw as responsible for the death of her adoptive father, Bayushi Kimanari.

Born: 1181
Died: 1199

Ide Korihime (Dead)

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