The Fortunes

Sun and Moon

Amaterasu – The First Sun
Onnotangu – The First Moon
Yakamo – The Second Sun
Hitomi – The Second Moon
Jade Dragon – The Third Sun
Obsidian Dragon – The Third Moon

The Seven Fortunes

Benten – Fortune of Romantic Love
Bishamon – Fortune of Strength
Daikoku – Fortune of Wealth
Ebisu – Fortune of Honest Work
Fukurokujin – Fortune of Wisdom and Mercy
Hotei – Fortune of Contentment
Jurojin – Fortune of Longevity

Minor Fortunes
Osano-Wo – Fire and Thunder
Emma-O – Death
Shi-Tien Yen-Wang – Lords of Death

Dark Fortunes

Isawa Akuma – Dark Fortune of Power
Shahai – Dark Fortune of Blood
Susumu – Dark Fortune of Deception
Kyoso – Dark Fortune of Obsession

The Fortunes

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