Medinat al-Salaam

Medinaat al salaam
Medinaat Al-Salaam from the Mekhem language meant the City of Peace. The city was also known as Kala Jahir, or the City of One Thousand Stories; and Aliquet-Ra, the Jewel of the Horizon. It was a big city (even bigger than Otosan Uchi was), northwest of Rokugan, in the Western part of the Burning Sands. It sprawled along the Nahr’umar river.

Medinaat Al-Salaam was approximately of equal distance from the Senpet Empire, the Yodotai Empire, and the Ivory Kingdoms, making it a natural location for commerce amongst the cultures. Indeed, a mighty trade route linked Medinaat Al-Salaam to the lands of the Senpet and the Ivory Kingdoms. Would-be Rokugan visitors to Medinaat Al-Salaam were in for tougher journey, as they must cross a vast and unforgiving swath of the Burning Sands before reaching this oasis in the desert.

Trade Center
It was perhaps the greatest hub of trade for the entire world, the gateway to all the mighty kingdoms of the world – the lands of spice and bone to the south; the decaying and shackled kingdom of the death-worshipers to the north-west; the fierce element-worshiping barbarian warrior-clans to the south-east; the mighty legions of the ocean-fearing pale men to the west.


Medinat al-Salaam

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