Kyuden Ashinagabachi

Castle of the wasp
The Castle of the Wasp in the Ashinagabachi province was home to the Tsuruchi family, arguably the finest archers in Rokugan, something the castle defenses took advantage of.

Former Scorpion Castle
The castle of Shiro no Uragiru guarded the southern Scorpion border. It nestled in a valley near where the mountains bordered on Aki Mizu-Umi, against the southern edge of the Spine of the World Mountains, sitting above the Lake of Silent Dreams and the road to the castle cut through a steep mountain pass, allowing archers to fire upon attackers with impunity. The Scorpion and the Tsuruchi hold great resentment towards each other to this day for this holding.

Notable Locations
Kyuden Ashinagabachi was the location of the Kyuden Ashinagabachi Dojo also known as Tsuruchi’s Test, where every member of the Tsuruchi family underwent gempukku. Tsuruchi Bounty Hunters were trained in the Hunter of Men Dojo.


Kyuden Ashinagabachi

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