Autumn Archery Tournament

The Autumn Archery Tournament is held at Shiro Ide every year, and is the last of the bugi tournaments held before winter court in Unicorn Lands.

In the Year 1199 of the Isawa calender, the ranking was as follows.

First Place: Tsuruchi Oboro
Second Place: Akodo Ichiro
Third Place: Bayushi Kimanari

Notably, this was the first time in over a century in which non-unicorn competed in this tournament. It is also the year that betting on the outcome of such tournaments was introduced to the Shiro Ide court. While such betting has become accepted in Shiro Ide since then, many have said that it was inappropriate of Yasuki Ashida to suggest gambling upon displays of Rokugun’s martial prowess.

Autumn Archery Tournament

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