Arun's Bow

Mythical bow of Arun.

weapon (ranged)

Seemingly made of solid pearl, this bow has been called unbreakable, and is thought to be unbendable.

Strength Roll vs. TN that the DM sets to draw the bow the first time each skirmish, otherwise the Attack Roll cannot be completed in this action. If the Attack was a Simple Action, then if the wielder can make another Simple Action attack, he may use that action to re-attempt the Strength Roll.

The wielder gains 2 Ranks of Honor when holding/wielding the bow.

Keywords: Large, Pearl, Ivory
Strength: 3
Range: 250’
Special Rules: Bow generates its own Arrows that ignore half the Armor TN bonus provided by armor and their DR is 2k3.
Price: Beyond Price


Called Shiva Dhanush in the language of the Ivory Kingdoms, this bow is a Nemuranai of great power.

According to the myths of the Ivory Kingdoms, it was the bow of Shiva, Goddess of War, Chaos, and Entropy. After the goddess gifted it to one of her disciples on earth, it took the strength of Arun, seventh avatar of Vishnu, to lift the bow and string it.

Some Asako scholars have theorized that Arun and Vishnu are other names for Bishamon, but there is no evidence, yet, to prove the connection.

Arun's Bow

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