Obi of Protection

A beautiful garment, very wide and wrapped around the middle. Primarily red-gold with a sunburst pattern.


+3 to Armor TN, Damage Reduction: 1


A gift to Matsu Hitomi from her lover, Akodo Godaigo. Tragically, he later slew her as she was branded a criminal by the Lion and the Dragon alike as a result of the machinations of a Mirumoto general. Later, the truth of the incident was learned and Hitomi was celebrated instead of scorned, becoming an icon for samurai-ko across the empire.

The item was lost for a time after Hitomi died, but eventually resurfaced during the Clan War in the early twelfth century.

More recently, it was granted by the Lion as a gift to the crab, received by Hida Takashi’s family. It passed to him when he inherited his family lands. He has granted it as a gift to Soshi Fuyusuke in the hopes she will consider his proposal of marriage.

Obi of Protection

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