Yasuki Masato


School/Rank: Yasuki Courtier 2

Air 2
Awareness 5
Earth 2
Willpower 4
Fire 2
Intelligence 4
Water 2
Perception 3
Void 4

Honor: 4.8 Glory: 4.1 Status: 3.0

Skills: Artisan: Painting 4, Artisan: Poetry 2, Calligraphy 3, Commerce (Appraisal) 2, Courtier 4, Craft: Farming 3, Defense 1, Etiquette (Conversation, Courtesy) 5, Games: Go 2, Intimidation 3, Investigation 2, Lore: Theology 2, Perform: Oratory 3, Sincerity (Deceit) 4, Tea Ceremony 5

Advantages: Balance, Gentry, Soul of Artistry (Artisan skills)

Disadvantages: Daikoku’s Curse, Doubt (Commerce)


Yasuki Masato is the grandson of Yasuki Noroi, the infamous merchant who cursed his family with the wrath of Daikoku for allowing greed to interfere with the construction of a temple. By the time Masato came of age, the family was nearly ruined from two generations of mercantile failure. While he shared his family’s newly acquired inadequacy with money, he had a talent for artistic expression and the tea ceremony which he leveraged into a reputation as a seeker of beauty and serenity which made him one of the most socially acceptable Crab diplomats in the clan. The peak of his accomplishments as a courtier came when he won a competition hosted by the Topaz Champion during winter court. The painting, entitled The Empress’s Wall, depicted the Kaiu Kabe as the rising sun illuminated lives of the samurai and peasants behind the wall, with no hint of the Shadowlands or the Crab’s eternal war.

Masato married a Kuni woman named Chikako, and while the two maintained an honorable household, never came to love each other. They had three children: Sadao, Tsutomi, and Ashida. Masato’s success as an artisan and diplomat had revitalized his family’s fortunes somewhat, but he feared that his children would loose their ancestral lands if they were not able to find an alternate means of achieving success as he had. He encouraged all of his children to find some other method of serving the Crab than as merchants, hoping they could achieve glory despite Daikoku’s curse. Unfortunately, Sadao renounced the Yasuki name upon his gempukku to honor his mother’s family, and Tsutomi fell in love with ??? and was granted permission to marry her.

Yasuki Masato

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