Yasuki Hiroki


School/Rank: Doji Courtier 1/Yasuki Courtier 1

Air 3
Awareness 4
Earth 2
Fire 3
Water 2
Perception 3
Void 3

Honor: 6.2 Glory: 1.0 Status: 2.0

Skills: Animal Handling 2, Artisan: Poetry 1, Calligraphy 1, Commerce (Appraisal) 2, Courtier (Manipulation) 3, Defense 1, Etiquette (Courtesy) 2, Intimidation 1, Perform: Dance 1, Perform: Storytelling 1, Sincerity (Deceit) 1, Tea Ceremony 1

Advantages: Allies (several among the Crane), Blissful Betrothal (Doji ???), Multiple Schools, Social Position, Wealthy (5 ranks)

Disadvantages: Idealistic, Obligation (marry Doji ???), Soft-Hearted

Insight: 150

Exp: 104


Yasuki Hiroki is heir to one of the family branches that can trace its lineage back to the sons of Yasuki herself. Ashida and Hiroki were childhood friends and carried on a brief romance before he traveled to study for several summers at Shizuka Toshi. His family is very close to the Crane and has worked hard to mend the rifts caused by hundreds of years of enmity between the Yasuki and their original clan, and this has given many rare opportunities to the already privileged young courtier. Hiroki excelled at the Doji style of courtly arts, to the point where he prefers their methods over his ancestral methods. While he is too pious to flaunt his role in the family, he would prefer to avoid using the darker side of Yasuki mercantilism if possible. He is proper whenever possible, and is often mistaken for a Crane.

Yasuki Hiroki

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