Toturi "Isawa" Kaede

The Oracle of the Void Dragon.


Former Master of Void.

Isawa Kaede became the Oracle of Void in the Second Day of Thunder, in 1128.

After the death of Toturi I in 1158, Kaede held the throne as regent until a proper heir could be decided upon from Toturi’s four children. The act of sitting on the Imperial Throne tipped the balance in the favor of the powers of Tengoku. When Kaede became Empress, the Spirit Realms were thrown into disharmony. She realized her mistake and withdrew from the Empire to prevent any permanent damage. But the boundaries between the realms had already weakened. The imbalance in the heavens forced Tonbo Toryu to abandon his position as Oracle of Thunder and become the Dark Oracle of Void.

1100 – Present

1128 – Present


Toturi "Isawa" Kaede

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