Soshi Yamashori

A man of average height and build wearing a black kimono with a red silk wrapping around his entire face and head.


Shosuro Infiltrator 3 (184 Insight)
Earth: 3, Water 3, Fire 3 (Agility 4), Air 4, Void 3

Acting (disguise) 3, Athletics 3, Stealth (sneaking, shadowing) 5, Ninjutsu 2, Kenjutsu 3, Iaijutsu 3, Knives (tanto) 3, Chain Weapons 3, Hunting (Tracking) 2, Inveistigation (notice) 3, Sincerity 2, Defense 2

Striking as Air, Vieled Menace Style, Art of Ninjutsu


Bad Fortune (Secret Obsessed Lover)
Obligation (Shosuro Keirei, 4 points)


Ichiro has always kept to himself. When he was boy, he had little use for others until it was discovered his sister could speak to the kami. From then on he kept her close. Even when he was sent to Brother’s Gift dojo to train with the Shosuro, he wrote her letters to be certain he could call on her if she was needed. During training Ichiro found that he had a penchant for getting himself into trouble. It wasn’t until he was taken under the wing of the venerable Shosuro Keirei that he learned not only was he able, he was talented. He was taught the value of patience and when to discard it for visceral action.

When Ichiro gradutated, he named himself Soshi Yamashori. At the end of his gempukku Keirei gave Yamashori a task: to ingraciate himself with Bayushi Hijikata, a lord in northern Shosuro lands, near the Unicorn border. His job was to join the hidden village the Bayushi oversaw and be certain above all else that Hijikata was never compromised by “certain conditions” he was known to be under.

It would be Yamashori’s job to assassinate his new master if he ever turned against Lord Nitoshi.

Since he entered service to Hijikata, he has been surrounded by shinobi of all types, as the village trains the secret Shadow Hunters of the Shosuro. Strange things have begun happening to him. He awakens with a warm cheek as if someone had laid down with him, and his path is often unbarred when he seeks to accomplish something. He has the sinking suspicion that someone is paying an unhealthy amount of attention to him, but he believes it is one of Hijikata’s loyal vassals…and he would be right, but not for the purpose he thinks.

It seems that one of the senior ninja of the village has found a new play thing.

Soshi Yamashori

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