Soshi Nakuro

Nearing retirement age, Nakuro is a man who enjoys leaning against the posts that support the shade of his veranda while he smokes a pipe.


In his youth, Nakuro was yoriki to an Emerald Magistrate, Shosuro Hurak-tsuga. He served the half-gaijin for seven years but eventually learned that he was more homesick than interested in glory. His home province was in need of an experienced magistrate and so his superior reassigned him to Scorpion lands.

While he served the Soshi daimyo he was assigned to escort the youngest daughter of a minor lord of the Shosuro as she made her way to see cousins in Crane lands. Nakuro had experience in Doji provinces from his time serving with Hurak-tsuga and was an able attendant. What he was unable to do was keep his hands off the beautiful young woman, not that she had any luck with the same.

Their instant attraction along with being far away from their lords lead them to what some might call dishonorable actions, but the samurai at Kyuden Doji were secretly appreciative of their affair, as love is a thing to admire. When Mae and Nakuro returned to Scorpion lands, they immediately petitioned to be married. It took four long years of favors, fighting and letters, but eventually Nakuro received a promotion and become a judge in his home province. With this elevation of status, Mae’s father finally capitulated. They were married the following spring.

Since then, Nakuro has raised a family with his wife, though his duties keep him very busy. He has a troop of magistrates and doshin under him and he is responsible for keeping the peace in the south-most Soshi lands that border the Yogo and Lion along the Seikitsu Mountains.

Even though he holds position in his home territory, he is not a rich samurai, yet his stipend has always been enough, even for the prodigious number of children he has.

Soshi Nakuro

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