Soshi Mae

A woman of nearly indeterminate age, one would never believe she had given birth to eight children, nor that she took a hand in raising all of them.


Shosuro family lineage, Bayushi Courtier School 3 (Insight: 170 + 61, Rank 6)

Earth 3 (Willpower 4), Water 2 (Perception 4), Fire 4, Air 5, Void 3

Calligraphy (Cipher) 3, Courtier (Manipulation, Rhetoric) 6, Etiquette (Courtesy, Conversation) 6, Sincerity (Lies) 5, Investigation (Interrogation) 4, Horsemanship 2, Juijutsu 2, Lore: Heraldry (Scorpion, Lion, Crane) 3, Lore: history 2, Lore: Law 1, Kyujutsu 3, Perform: Sing 4, Perform: Dance (Kakita Style, Shosuro Style) 5, Artisan: Bonsai 2, Artisan: Seamstress 2, Medicine (Diseases) 2, Defense 3

Blissful Betrothal
Jurojin’s Blessing
Dangerous Beauty

Doubt: Etiquette (Easily Embarrassed)
Dependants (Many)
True Love


Mae was raised in luxury by an affluent branch of the Shosuro family. Her father, a minor diplomat to the Imperial Court, was well-trusted by his superiors and eventually served Bayushi Rentatsu directly, acting as his envoy. This afforded him a great many opportunities, including marriage to a daughter of the Doji and increasing the land his family controlled. Mae was third born and the only girl and thus the apple of her father’s eye. Her mother trained her in courtesy and manners, but it was her father that showed her the way of the Scorpion; how to accomplish your goal through any means necessary.

Shortly after her gemppuku, Mae left her father’s lands to visit with her mother’s relatives in the Doji. It was on this journey that she met the priest and magistrate, Soshi Nakuro. Nakuro was part of her retinue, his knowledge of lands outside Scorpion provinces was necessary for her trip. She was not immediately enamored with him, as he was with her, but she found his perseverance endearing and so granted him some of her time.

It was one late night at Kyuden Doji that Nakuro witlessly pledge his love for her in poorly improvised poem in front of many witnesses. Aghast, she fled but still Nakuro persisted until he eventually maneuvered to be at a meeting between Mae and the Ikoma daimyo, who was also visiting the Crane. Mae was clearly displeased with his presence, but when the Ikoma lord commented on Nakuro’s bravery when it came to women, and that Ikoma himself must have driven him to be so foolish, Mae seemed to finally understand her suitor’s plight.

The last few weeks at the Doji palace were much more pleasant for both Nakuro and Mae. The other guests of the Crane all paid the couple proper attention and Mae felt special, that her life was more than that of just duty when she was with Nakuro.

When they returned to Shosuro lands, she and Nakuro asked to be married but her father forbade it. Nakuro, though respectable, did not hold the position that he felt his daughter deserved to marry into, and the clan had plans to use her in a treaty with the Mantis. Nakuro and Mae worked together to sabotage her father’s plans and elevate him to the position he holds now, judge of his home province. With this accomplished, her father finally consented to the union, having learned that he’d been bested by his daughter.

Since then Mae has lived as a dutiful wife, but she takes on duties to help her husband, acting as his voice when he is gone and even acting as his envoy among the other soshi karo when they meet with the daimyo. Her Crane blood is apparent from her near ageless appearance, her love of art and culture and the seeming ease of which she raises her many children while never slipping in her duties.

Soshi Mae

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