Soshi Fuyusuke

A maiden with her hair done in a high fox tail with locks and bangs, she wears a red and black kimono, waving a metal menhari-gata fan lazily. She may be a priestess, but she knows how to dance a good jig.


Soshi Fuyusuke (104 Character Points, Shugenja, 183 Insight, Rank 3, 0 points unspent)

Rings (90 points): Earth 3, Water 3, Fire 3, Air 3, Void 3

School Skills (13 Points): Calligraphy (Cipher) 1, Courtier 2, Etiquette 2, Stealth 2, Theology 1, Spellcraft 2, Warfans 3

Other Skills (22 Points): Acting 1, Sincerity 1, Investigation 3, Perform (Dance) 2, Temptation 2 (rolls 6k3), Defense 3, Divination 1, Athletics 1, Medicine 1, Games: Fortunes and Winds 1, Meditation 1, Horsemanship 1, Perform: Biwa 1, Perform: Sing 1

Initiative: 6k3
Armor TN: 20, +6 Defense Stance, +3 Dual Wielding Fans, +10 While Guarded by Shingen (39 Best)

Adv/Disadv (+2 Points)
Luck: -3
Crafty: -2
Dangerous Beauty: -2
Cursed by the Realm (Animals): +5
Doubt (Theology): +4
Failure of Bushido (Honor) +1

Honor: 3.0
Glory: 2.2
Status: 1

Spells (Roll 6k3 for all Elements)
Sense, Commune, Sommon, Importune, Banish, Light of Lord Moon, Path of Inner Peace, Nature’s Touch, Tempest of Air, Envious Flames, Biting Steel, Tail of the Fire Dragon, Reflections of Pan’Ku, Jurojin’s Balm, Call Upon the Wind, Command, Earth’s Stagnation

Plan For Rank 5 (248 total points, 228 Insight)

Earth 3, Water 3, Fire 4, Air 4, Void 4

School Skills: Calligraphy (Cipher) 2, Courtier (Manipulation) 2, Etiquette (Courtesy) 2, Stealth (Sneaking) 3, Theology 1, Spellcraft 5, Warfans 5

Other Skills: Acting 2, Sincerity 2, Investigation (Search, Notice) 3, Perform (Dance) 3, Temptation 2, Defense 3, Divination 2, Athletics 3, Medicine 1, Games: Fortunes and Winds 2, Meditation 1, Horsemanship 1, Perform: Sing 2, Perform: Biwa 3


Early Life
Born the second child (out of 8, her parents did their duty repopulating the empire to be sure) of a minor branch of the Soshi family, Tachi reversed her family’s fortunes at age ten when it was discovered that her imaginary friends were trickster air spirits. It was a happy day, but the months that followed found her often in trouble as her older brother Ichiro would use her talents to help him cause mischief. Eventually, the day came when he left to join the Brother’s Gift dojo, which put Tachi alone, until Soshi Tamasaki, an assistant sensei of the Soshi Shugenja School came to take her away.

Training by the Soshi
While at school, Tachi was brought into a new world. She was no longer her brother’s support, helping him to play dirty tricks on others, she was her own person and she grew to become a pretty young girl. She became a social creature, but as a result her attention to her studies was often seen as slack. She was trained nevertheless, as it was imperative to increase the clan’s stock of priests. Since the war a generation ago the population had dwindled the amount of shugenja in the empire as a whole, and the scorpion clan was no exception.

Gemppuku, a meeting with Yamashori
At her gempukku, Tamasaki passed Tachi, who named herself Fuyusuke (after the winter moon, which her sensei said to, “Fitting. You are beautiful, but have as much use as a moon in a snowstorm.”) Fuyusuke took no insult, thanked her sensei for all of his teachings and patience, then returned home. She learned that Ichiro, now Soshi Yamashori, had returned as well and had been assigned as an adjunct to a well-to-do Bayushi lord in northern Shosuro lands. He mentioned he could speak with his lord and ask to have her assigned there if she wished. Fuyusuke was pleased but decided that she should focus on her own career. So she wrote a letter to the daimyo, asking how she can serve the family.

The Scorpion Wall
Her answer was unexpected, she was sent to the Scorpion wall. After two years there learning of the plight of her own clan and the crab as they battled monsters day in and day out, Fuyusuke decided that she didn’t like oni, or crab berserkers very much, and requested a transfer. Even more surprising is that it was approved, and perhaps auspiciously so, as her new assignment is what she would have least expected…

Arrival at Shiro Ide
Her travels took her to Shiro Ide where she, along with her Yojimbo Yogo Shingen, arrived just after the massacre of the White Wedding. Instantly offering her aid to Otomo Ryo, she aided the group of magistrates under his command in outing the criminal group that had taken over a Thousand Fortunes monestary near the castle. The group assaulted the temple and was able to capture one of their leaders alive.

Insults, Osano-Wo and the Burning Sands
The next day Fuyusuke went to meet with Doji Toshiro, who she found to be an insulting lout. Worse, Otomor Ryo declared that there was to be no duel between Kitsuki Mariko and Yasuki Ashida, who had come to a disagreement over Mariko’s performance as a Magistrate. In following her orders from the Scorpion Clan, Fuyusuke put a plan into action along with Bayushi Kamanari to secretly assassinate the Otomo, with great success. A lightning bolt struck the imperial as he fell from his high balcony, inferring that the fortunes were displeased with him. Even more ludicrous was the next day’s arrival of the Khan of the Unicorn Clan. Fuyusuke watched in abject terror as Doji Toshiro blatantly insulted Shinjo Minh-hee, then nearly felt her head explode when the Khan merely dismissed the fool, rather than beheading him. Now, having been ordered to the burning sands to aid in tracking down the culprit behind the White Wedding, Ide Korihime, Fuyusuke trusts the orchristration of a war between the Unicorn and the Lion to her clan.

Leavng Shiro Ide, a tiresome Proposal
While Yogo Shingen was absent gathering supplies, Fuyusuke was approached by Yasuki Ashida and two other Crab, Hida Takashi and Hida Minoru. The elder, Minoru presented her nephew formally and broached the idea of a marriage contract between the Soshi and the Hida, joining Fuyusuke to the Crab. Being, as she feels, far too young for marrage the Soshi stalled them and politely left to think on the matter. Her divinations turned up the usual, “Seems good, could be bad though…” so she decided to keep her own counsel on the matter. Yogo Shingen offered to get rid of the Crab, but she declined. Even if she isn’t interested in marriage at this time, it was no cause to offend or harm the man.

Meeting an Oracle, Kind of…
Traveling through the northern mountains through Sorrow’s Path, the group found itself faced witha monk from the order of heroes. He charged them to climb the mountain to meet the Oracle of Void. Fuyusuke was intrigued and agreed, the rest soon followed after. However, Yasuki Ashida seemed to not be able to meet the task of the arduous climb, and Fuyusuke herself, not being a rugged bushi decided that the kami would aid the two women and they sped on with the spirits of air. Atop the mountain the group met the Oracle of the Void, who was to give them a blessing, however it seemed that Ashida and Fuyusuke were exempt as they cheated. The Soshi maiden was not displeased with the judgment, though she was disappointed that a former shugenja would see things such a way.

The Desert, Lion Tamers and Gypsies
After passing through Sorrow’s Path, the group of magistrates continued on in the company of Kasuga Omura and crossed the Western Wastes. Water was scarce, however the Soshi maiden called upon favors from the kami to bring fresh water so their journey would not be impeded. Reaching the final oasis before the Burning Sands themselves, the group found there were no animals present and that everything was very still. As Bayushi Kimanari and his charge, Kiku, explored the oasis Fuyusuke, Shingen and Hida Takashi went to the pool. There, Fuyusuke spoke to the spirits of the oasis, learning that a great beast stalked the region, killing man and animal alike. The group went back to where the servants were setting up tents to find that Omaru’s companion, Saseko, a gaijin trained as a geisha, was being attacked by the lion beast. Quick and brave action on Yasuki Ashida’s part saved the woman from certain death while Fuyusuke’s magic healed her wounds. The bushi slew the beast with the aid of Kimanari and Kiku, who had been tracking it. Kasuga Omura was grateful for the safety of his servant and it seemed that a friendship of respect and trust was forming between the Kasuga and Fuyusuke.
Later, the group entered the desert but was besieged by a sand storm where Kimanari braved the elements to be certain a loose tent stake did not spell the doom of everyone inside. The storm raged for days, but everyone survived as Fuyusuke was able to entreat the water kami to bring them water.
After the storm the caravan came across the Rhashari, gypsies that travel the sands and beyond. Speaking with them they learned some information about their quarry, Korihime, the former Ide and criminal mastermind behind the White Wedding. Fuyusuke spoke to the elders of the gypsies for a time, bartering with them, but mostly collecting information about their culture.

Insults, Demons and Cannibals
The group stayed the night with the Rashari gypsies, enjoying their hospitality. Fuyusuke danced and sang with the gaijin, learning about their culture. However, as the party anjoyed their evening, demons were afoot, charming memebers of the camp and draining their life essence. Yogo Shingen was almost a victim of such evil, but Fuyusuke and Hida Takashi saved him, slaying the creature with fire and steel. Meanwhile, Tsuruchi Oboro and Yasuki Ashida found another of the creatures and destroyed it as well. As little Kiku went to warn the Rashari about the danger to their camp, Bayushi Kimanari hunted and killed the last one. Fuyusuke then performed purifying rituals to chase any lingering evil spirits away.

Parting ways with the gypsies, the group continued on, eventually running into the Hanjii, a group of cannibal nomads who are little more than bandits. They demanded tribute from the group, and no thanks to Kasuga Omura’s poor negotiating skills, the party is now faced with fighting them. Quick action was taken by Bayushi Kimanari in this case, he leapt from the sands where he was concealed, moving like a viper and hurled his wakizashi into the Hanjii leader’s head, instantly killing him. Now the Hanjii are prepared to fight, and their number may be greater than the party is able to survive…

Battle with the Hanjii, A Gift from Takashi and Regret
The Hanjii came with greater numbers and the group fought bravely, though Fuyusuke used her magic with great skill, she was unable to save Bayushi Kimanari from death or Hida Takashi from grave injury. Even after countless sorties in support of the Crab and Scorpion along the wall, she is still unable to shake her sensei’s assertion that she is altogether useless. Putting on a strong face as she recovered from her own injuries, she has found Yogo Shingen to be less than desirable as a yojimbo, and Kasuga Omura even less desirable as an ally, despite his riches and influence.

On the way to the Jewel of the Desert, Hida Takashi thanked Fuyusuke greatly for her aid during the battle and as a token of his appreciation and continued devotion to the idea of their eventual marriage granted her a great gift. The Obi of Protection, a garment once worn by the famous Matsu Hitomi, a samurai-ko of love and legend. Truly feeling unworthy of such a gift, she nonetheless accepted it as proper, remarking that Hida Takashi, like all men, is a fool. This she regrets greatly as well, as she understands Takashi is a good man, but she doesn’t feel deserving of such praise.

Reaching the great city, the group was treated well by Kasuga Omura and his servants, given fresh clothes, baths and a proper Rokugani dinner. Now that they have finally arrived, their true duty begins. Can they find the blasphemous criminal, Korihime, discern who her mysterious allies are, and bring them to the Empress’ justice?

Soshi Fuyusuke

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