Shosuro Keshimaru

A man with a demon mask wearing full armor. He moves with practiced care as if frail, but there is no mistaking his deliberate movements.


Shosuro Keshimaru, according to those who truly know their history, should be at least 130 years old. He served as a healer in the Black Lion’s army on the Second Day of Thunder and has trained many prominent Scorpion Samurai on the importance of etiquette.

Always clad in full armor with a particular demon mempo and helm (not a traditional kabuto, it has only the skull cap with a spiked, black wig glued to it) Keshimaru is an imposing sight with a gravely voice that seems to echo through his armor, as if it were devoid of a human body.

Aside being a venerable sensei of the clan, Keshimaru is known as an expert cook, often called upon to prepare meals for festivals at Kyuden Bayushi.

Shosuro Keshimaru

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