Kyuzo (Dead)

The abbot of the Thousand Fortunes Monastery to the East of Shiro Ide.


A man posing as a monk of the Thousand Fortunes Order. He organized an attack by ronin on Shiro Ide also known as The White Wedding, and was later captured trying to flee the monastery he had been using as his base of operations.

When put to the question by Otomo Ryo and Tsuruchi Oboro, he revealed that he was part of an organization bent on overthrowing the empire. He also divulged that Ide Korihime was his superior within the organization.

Early in the questioning, Kyuzo threatened Tsuruchi Oboro with the promise that one day their roles would be reversed and he would have Oboro as his prisoner. After getting the answers Ryo had requested, Oboro killed Kyuzo to ensure that such a role reversal would never happen.

Kyuzo (Dead)

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