Kuni Sadao


School/Rank: Kuni Shugenja 4 (Jade Magistrate path)

Air 2
Awareness 3
Earth 5
Fire 3
Intelligence 4
Water 4
Perception 5
Void 4

Honor: 2.1 Glory: 3.6 Status: 4.5

Skills: Athletics 3, Calligraphy (Cipher) 2, Defense 5, Heavy Weapons (Tetsubo) 3, Hunting (Tracking) 4, Intimidation (Torture) 4, Investigation (Interrogation, Notice) 2, Jiujutsu 1, Lore: Law 3, Lore: Maho 2, Lore: Shadowlands 4, Lore: Theology 2, Spellcraft 5

Advantages: Absolute Direction, Strength of the Earth, Wary, Way of the Land (Crab Lands)

Disadvantages: Antisocial (4 points), Compulsion: Alcohol (2 points; TN 15), Daikoku’s Curse


Kuni Sadao is a tall, intimidating man who has earned his position as a Jade Magistrate through aptitude and ruthlessness. He is single-minded and cares little for Rokugani society, much preferring the wilderness and being on the road. He struggled with alcoholism in his younger years, and channels much of his frustration into the brutal execution of his duties. While he is the oldest son of Yasuki Masato, he renounced the Yasuki name as much to avoid the responsibility of inheriting his ancestral lands as to honor the family that nurtured his gift for speaking to the kami. He now rarely interacts with his former family except for his younger brother, Tsutomi, with whom he maintains a close, if long-distance, relationship.

Kuni Sadao

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