Utaku "Kakita" Ayogama

A Kakita-born Kenshinzen.


School/Rank: Kakita Bushi 4 / Kenshinzen 2

Honor: 7.3
Glory: 4.0
Status: 2.0

Air: 4
Reflexes: 6
Earth: 4
Fire: 4
Agility: 5
Water: 3
Perception: 4
Void: 5

Skills: Animal Handling 2, Artisan: Ikebana 3, Athletics 3, Courtier 3*, Defense 4, Etiquette (Courtesy) 5*, Horsemanship 2, Iaijutsu (Assessment, Focus) 7*, Investigation 2, Kenjutsu (Katana) 4*, Kyujutsu 3*, Lore: Bushido 4, Lore: Theology 1, Meditation 5, Sincerity 4*, Spears 2, Tea Ceremony 3*

*+1k0 to school skill rolls

Kata: The Empire Rests On Its Edge, Striking As Void

Advantages: Balance, Fame, Prodigy, Quick

Disadvantages: Idealistic, Lost Love (Utaku Liriel)


A Kakita duelist and member of the Kenshinzen. Ayogama fell in love with the Emerald Magistrate, Utaku Liriel, while she stayed as a guest at Shiro Sano no Kakita. While Kakita Rokai recovered from serious wounds, Ayogama and Liriel would often spar and hold long conversations while walking in the gardens.
When the Kenshinzen selected Kakita Rokai for initiation, Ayogama volunteered to be the one to find and test him. He hoped to find Utaku Liriel in Rokai’s company, and was not disappointed. While in Shiro Moritsugu, he gave Liriel a gift of immense historic value and asked her permission to write to her after they parted ways. Liriel accepted his gift, and gave her assent.
Upon returning home after the death of Kakita Rokai, Ayogama pursued a betrothal to Liriel through their families’ respective heads. They were married less than a year later, and he went to live with her in Unicorn lands. Soon after, twins were born to them. A girl and a boy.
While the twins were still infants, Liriel was drawn back to Shiro Moritsugu to deal with unfinished dispute between the Crane and Mantis. She died serving a great cause, far from her new family. Iogama raised the twins, Kuon and Hiro, with the help of Liriel’s family.

Wife: Utaku Liriel (Deceaced)
Son: Utaku Kuon
Daughter: Utaku Hiro

Utaku "Kakita" Ayogama

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