Kaiu Kenshin


School/Rank: Yasuki Courtier 1

Air 2
Earth 2
Fire 2
Intelligence 4
Water 3
Void 2

Honor: 2.5 Glory: 1.0 Status: 1.0

Skills: Calligraphy 1, Commerce (Appraisal) 2, Craft: Weaponsmithing 3, Courtier 1, Defense 1, Etiquette 3, Games: Go 1, Heavy Weapons 1, Intimidation 1, Kenjutsu 1, Lore: Architecture 1, Sincerity (Deceit) 1

Advantages: Ancestor: Kaiu, Large, Soul of Artistry: Craft Skills

Disadvantages: Black Sheep, Insensitive, True Love (his art)

Insight: 130

Exp: 60


Kaiu Kenshin is in his late teens and is a strong and powerfully built young man who would seem more at home on the field of battle than at court. Unfortunately for Kenshin, he will never see the front lines of his clan’s struggle against the Shadowlands for his family is disgraced. When Kenshin was 8 a bridge his father had built collapsed due to inclement weather that exacerbated a design flaw. His father begged permission to commit seppuku but was denied and made ronin. Kenshin’s family was forbidden from ever engaging in the Kaiu’s duty of engineering and so they fled to the service of some Yasuki lord. Kenshin was raised as a Yasuki, but his Kaiu blood manifests itself in his love of crafting. He is incredibly skilled at it, and due to his talent has many contacts among weapon and armor smiths. He specializes in providing services to outfit or maintain a daimyo’s army.

Kaiu Kenshin

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