Hida Takashi (Dead)

A Hida landed gentry.


A young, handsome (for a Crab) noble of the Hida family. Very tall. Like 6’ 1" tall.


Called back from the front lines after the death of his elder brother, Takashi has been instructed by his Lord to provide an heir for his line before he can return to battle. Besides a younger brother, Akira, who was banished from Crab lands, and the family, Takashi’s only living relative is his aunt.

His aunt, Hida Minori, has negotiated on his behalf with a line of the Soshi family to form a betrothal between him and Soshi Fuyusuke.

Now he travels to the Burning Sands to prove his interest and devotion to Fuyusuke.

Gravely wounded while fighting Hanjii raiders in the Burning Sands, he recovered slowly during the last portion of the trip to the Jewel.

After his recovery from the Hanjii attack, Takashi decided that this trip could be far more dangerous than he or his aunt had originally anticipated. In the interest of keeping Fuyusuke safe, he decided to give her one of the courtship gifts he had brought along on the trip earlier than this aunt had advised. Takashi presented Fuyusuke with the Obi of Matsu Hitomi, a nemuranai that had come into possession of his family years ago.

Once in the Jewel, he attempted to find times when he could take Fuyusuke on walks in Kasuga Omura’s garden or the famed gardens of the Jewel. However, the mission the group had been sent on seemed to always interfere with any time they might have spent together. After visiting the markets of the Jewel with Yasuki Ashida, Takashi was reminded of a conversation with Fuyusuke concerning her younger siblings. She had mentioned that one of her young sisters, Shimi, was fond of ponies, and Takashi had just spotted a horse trader with exceptional stock at the market. He bought a extraordinary colt from the gaijin merchant, and later presented to Fuyusuke as a gift for her young sister.

Once the group had uncovered the whereabouts of Korihime, they followed her to the ruined city north of the Jewel. There, they confronted the traitor and her new bodyguard, Mikijiro, killing them both. However, a guardian statue shaped like Kali Ma was awoken by their trespass, and attacked the group. During the fight with this metallic monstrosity, he suffered grievous woulds that few but a decedent of Hida could endure, and went into a berserk state that drove him on even after his body should have died. Due mainly to the efforts of Takashi, the guardian was defeated, but the sudden appearance of an Oni turned out to be his undoing. In a rage-fueled charge, he attacked the Oni, only to be suddenly struck from behind by the blood-dominated Fuyusuke and her likewise yojimbo, Yogo Shingen. His body, already strained far beyond its natural limits, finally succumbed to the fiery strike of his potential betrothed.

Born: 1177
Died: 1199

Hida Takashi (Dead)

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