Bayushi Hijikata

A man who moves with entirely too much swagger for a Scorpion. He either wears a kitsune mask or "The Dead Man's Mask."


Bayushi Bushi 5/Shosuro Infiltrator 1
Earth: 4, Water: 4, Fire: 4, Air: 4 (Awareness 5), Void: 4

Kanjutsu (katana) 5, Iaijutsu (Focus) 5, Courtier (manipulation) 5, Etiquette (Courtesy) 5, Sincerity (Lies, Honesty) 5, Battle 5, Investigation (Notice, Search, Interrogation) 5, Horsemanship 3, Athletics 5, Stealth (sneaking) 5, Kyujutsu 3, Warfans 3, Knives 2, Sleight of Hand 2, Intimidation (Control, Torture) 4, Ninjutsu 1, Acting 2, Commerce 1, Engineering 1, Hunting (Tracking) 2

Kata: Strength of the Scorpion

Honor: 3.7
Glory: 7
Infamy: 2
Status: 5.5

Spy Network
Gentry (18 points)
Ally: Usagi Chiasa (2/2)

Cast Out: Hotei sect
Infamous: used women and children as fodder in battle
Dark Secret


Long Story Short

Hijikata is a young samurai (still in his early twenties) who came from nothing, was raised by one of the most dangerous men in the empire, then after learning his sensei was an enemy, beat him at his own game. A couple of people may have heard of him…

Since then, he’s married a Kitsuki named Tomoe who is pregnant with their first child and runs a small, hidden village in the mountains that border Scorpion and Unicorn lands. Hijikata tends to be well-liked where ever he goes and has a penchant for stepping in and doing whatever he likes, pissing off some but generally impressing everyone else. He has a knack for never failing, even having a tussle with the Red Hunger and forcing the beast to retreat back under ground. Taller tales are told, but he just does what he thinks a samurai should be capable of. He knows that failure is around every corner, but to allow that to hold you back would be an insult to the fortunes that granted you the challenge.

One thing he does take absolutely serious is his duty to the clan. He doesn’t relish it, running a village is far too pedestrian for him (even considering the village’s nature..), but he serves lord Nitoshi without question. However, he doesn’t serve the Scorpion Daimyo’s other karo and has no problems giving them a hard time, using his reputation (and action) to show his so-called peers where the line is drawn.

Bayushi Hijikata

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