Akira (Dead)

Ronin leader of bandits.


A former member of the Hida family, disgraced and sent away.

Former owner of the Armor of Akira.


Akira the ronin was leading a band of bandits across Ide lands to raid villages when they found two Shinjo tax-collectors. Immediately after killing the two Unicorn, they were discovered by a band of samurai including: Tsuruchi Oboro, Bayushi Kimanari, Yasuki Ashida, and Akodo Ichiro. The child, Kiku, and the peasant, Ozaru, were also in the group. The samurai fought Akira and his bandits, eventually slaying them all. After the battle, Yasuki Ashida directed her bodygaurd, Ozaru, to take Akira’s armor for himself, since it was relatively undamaged.

Akira (Dead)

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